Technocation by 0 Tolerance

Technocation by 0 Tolerance is a community service provider focused on providing technology training, promoting literacy and encouraging positive life choices to at-risk youth. Tec0 offers programs designed to reinforce STEM curriculum by expanding related skills, beginning early professional development and promoting positive personal growth.

Science and technology are an integral part of the school day; many students lack the resources for at-home learning. Tec0 serves as a facilitator, which provides additional training outside the classroom on computer hardware and software, robotics and other electronics that are standard in most schools and homes.

Our program leaders are professionals dedicated to sharing their proven skills, experiences and advice to participants clearing the path for a solid future. Tec0 has expanded its programs from basic computing instruction to more STEM-focused programs. Additional programs include robotics, graphic design, web development, leisure reading/writing and Internet safety. Anti-bullying activities, drug prevention education and personal/professional mentoring are also offered.

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Let's start doing your bit for the world. Join us as a Volunteer

Let's start doing your bit for the world. Join us as a Volunteer